Granny floats away on ice during photo shoot

by Case Jaukkuri, Reporter

What would you do if your sweet grandma floated away on a chunk of ice? A grandma was posing for a picture on a chunk of ice when the piece broke off and started floating away. Can you imagine if you were taking a picture of your grandma and she floated away on a chunk of ice?

Judith Streng is from Texas and she is 77 years old, she was on vacation in Iceland specifically visiting the Jökulsárlón Lagoon. She was accompanied in Iceland with her son, they were on the beach and saw a chunk of ice shaped like a throne.

As she sat on the chunk of ice a wave came in and knocked the chunk of ice-free, she was sent drifting away from the shore.

In the video, I asked some people what would they do if their grandmother floated away on a chunk of ice and we got some interesting answers. I think their grandmothers would be disappointed when they heard some of their answers.

Streng’s granddaughter received several text messages from her father, detailing her about her grandmother’s little adventure. Luckily Streng was rescued by a tourist, but it ended up being a boat captain, he grabbed the grandmother out of the water. I’m sure this vacation to Iceland will be a trip she will never forget.