Prom Dance


Students dance the night away under the stars at the 2021 prom.

In an email sent out by Mr. Hurelbrink, prom was confirmed to happen at 7 p.m. on April 24. This news excited many students and raised some concerns for others.

Senior Lyric Greenwood, who was also on prom court, expresses how she feels about prom.

“When I got the email I was really surprised because I wasn’t expecting anything normal to happen this year. It made me so excited and now all I can think about is prom,” Greenwood said. All my friends talked about for the rest of the day was prom and how we were so excited about it.”

As the question of COVID-19 arose, Greenwood expressed her confidence. 

“I am not afraid of COVID-19 affecting prom because I think we are taking all the proper precautions before and during the dance.”

When prom night arrived, students piled into the gym, but were they taking the proper precautions? Junior Maria Steiling observed several students not taking proper precautions.

“My mother is extremely at risk of dying from the virus, my mask was kept on because it’s the right thing to do and I need to protect my family,” Steiling said.

Another thing on everyone’s mind was how prom was going to be set up. Since prom did not happen last year, it was mostly set up by parents of the 2021 class. Class sponsor Sheila Rappé was largely in charge of prom as well. 

“Several activities already had the deposit paid and we were able to switch the event reservation to this year.  We had two major fundraisers – the Hawk face masks and Beef House Rolls – to raise money for the remaining balances, prizes, and food,” Rappé said.

Large numbers of parents came together to make prom and post-prom happen. There were over 20 parents of the class of 2022 who worked on various activities including different stations at post-prom, staying up with the students. 

In the end, prom and post-prom for the year 2021 were ultimately a success. With dancing, an escape room, laser tag, and inflatables, students had a great experience. This sliver of normalcy provided something familiar for the class of 2021 and 2022.