Students seek “help” from online apps, friends


photo by Robert Le Cates

Students use apps like these to cheat and get help on assignments. Apps like these include; PhotoMath, Google Translate, Auto Citation, Slader, and Essaybot.

With the challenge of online learning and schedule management, students all across the U.S. have started doing each other’s assignments through cheating. Whether it is sending a screenshot into the Spanish II group chat or asking your friends for answers, most students nowadays have become more dependent on someone to do the work for them.

“Yes I have cheated and it was on math cause I really did not know how to do the homework and it was late and I wasn’t trying to stay up so I just asked my friends for answers which they sent to me,” an anonymous Meridian student said.

Academic Dishonesty among students

Some students are tempted to not attend the meetings their teachers arrange to learn the material and choose to work on homework instead.

“I am really not a fan of sitting at my laptop and staring at a screen all day. None of the students have the cameras on and sometimes none of the teachers have theirs on either. There is honestly no point in it,” an anonymous Meridian student said. “I have kinda been testing the limits and not showing up to the classes because I can learn the stuff much quicker […] if I don’t join the meetings and do homework instead.”

Remote learning is a whole different academic challenge. The same holds true today and nine months ago; students cheated through group chats and other online platforms.

“This year I have definitely used Google for answers a few times, and I’ve used the app PhotoMath on my math homework. I’ve also sent people answers to homework,” an anonymous Meridian student said.

Students have not only used apps to get “help.”

“Yeah, I cheated during remote learning. Most of my cheating consisted of me doing what I know, then getting help for the rest via friends, apps, or other online sources,” an anonymous Meridian student said. “Even when I cheat, I still check the answers.”