“My oh my” Camilla Cabello’s new album does not disappoint

Camilla Cabello recently released her newest album, Romance, on Dec. 6, 2019. Romance features a variety of music while including her Latin roots through the lyrics and rhythm of the songs featured in the album. The songs will have you helplessly singing along while tapping your feet to the beat.

Cabello was born in Havana, Cuba. She started her career when she debuted on the X Factor and became a member of a girls group called Fifth Harmony. Cabello left the group in December 2016 to became a solo artist. She released her debut single “Crying in the Club” in May, 2017. Cabello had the best-selling digital single of 2018. Cabello has won two Latin Grammy Awards, five American Music Awards, and one Billboard  Music Award.

Romance was produced in a span of ten months. She also plans to tour Europe and North America starting May 26- Sept. 26, 2020. She will have 26 stops through the course of the North American tour and 20 stops during her European tour.

Romance is all about love, the heartbreak it can cause, the thoughts it can invoke, and even how it feels when it’s one-sided. Some of the songs on the album will make you want to crawl into the fetal position and cry for several days. Some songs will make you want to get-up, dance, and scream the words of the catchy lyrics. Cabello’s album is something that anyone with a broken heart or fresh under the influence of love can relate to.

One of my favorite concepts of the album is watching Cabello’s attitude towards different aspects of love play out in a truly musical manner. You can hear all the shades of jealousy, anger, sadness, guilt, and uncontrollable love throughout the course of the album.

In my opinion, this is definitely an album I would recommend for someone to try-out.