Students go to Journalism National Convention


photo by Sheila Moore

A trip to Chicago. Sydney Moore, Claire Palmer, Karrigan True, Amber Miller, and Sheila Moore go to the SNL Experience in Chicago, IL. They got the opportunity to do this while at the Journalism National Convention on Friday, November 2.

by Karrigan True, Photographer

Journalism National Convention is an annual gathering of journalism and yearbook students from all over the U.S. and even London, England. On November 1-4, 2018 it took place in Chicago, IL. Being from a small town and only three hours away from Chicago, this was huge for the students of Meridian High School. As soon as Sheila Moore (journalism and yearbook adviser) told the class about it, they knew they were getting there somehow.

The cost of the trip would be $6oo per person. Moore, Sydney Moore, Claire Palmer, Amber Miller, and Karrigan True were the students selected to attend. The Booster Club agreed to cover half the cost for each student and entire cost for the teacher. The rest was raised with ad sales.

“I almost cried when they called to tell me they were going to cover my trip and $300 each on my students. It was proof that people care about what we are doing in journalism,” says Moore.

Everyone on the trip attended a day-long class in their specific field on Thursday, and hour-long classes all day Friday and Saturday. “I definitely learned a lot about writing and how to make mine better. I’m really excited to share what we learned with everyone else in our class,” said Amber Miller, a journalism student, and the social media manager.

The convention not only targeted journalism but also yearbook. “They had a wide range of classes and there was something for everyone. Even if you didn’t know about the topic you were going for, they [the instructors] made it really easy for you to understand,” said Claire Palmer, a yearbook member.

With all of the information brought back, the students hope to make the journalism and yearbook programs even better.

“I would love to go back next year, but it is in Washington D.C. I’m not sure how feasible the possibility might be, but if I knew we were winning a national award, I might have to make it work!” said Moore.