Black Ops 4 Review

by Seth Barnes, Reporter

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is the fourth entry in the Black Ops franchise. Creators Treyarch took a more boot-on-the-ground feel to it. Being the fourth entry, it must add new elements. It dropped single-player campaign and replaced it with small side missions you complete to uncover the story behind specialists. These specialists are the characters you select in multiplayer and blackout.

Multiplayer has many maps to go with it, you select specialists to play as. Each specialist has different equipment and abilities.  The game comes with an abundance of game modes to it like, team deathmatch, kill confirmed, and a new game mode Heist. Heist provides a new feel to Call of Duty with a store based mode, you kill other players to obtain money and buy new equipment and guns.

Blackout is the 100 player battle royale, this is a more realistic battle royale with a much larger map than some other battle royales. You can drive vehicles like a four-wheeler, and a military grade transport truck. You find weapons, healing, and body armor around the map. Along with other gadgets.

Zombies has three maps to it. The maps are Blood of the Dead, (a remake from an older Call of Duty.) Voyage of Despair, a map based on the sinking of the Titanic with a bit of a twist to it. The final map is IX, a map based back to Roman times, all the maps have stories to them, each with a different feel.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is a much-needed jump back to the older Call of Duty’s, it provides fan service for longtime fans, showing older characters from past Black Ops games. It brings opportunities for new memories to be made. Like in blackout clutching a game to get your first ever win, or the thrill of surviving zombie hordes with your friends. I personally love the feel of this game and think if you are looking to get back into, or jump in on a new game, Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is a very good option.