Don’t judge a book by its cover


photo by Lydia Wiggins

! The yearbook club is still taking applications for the 2018-2019 school year. “I didn’t think I would like yearbook in the beginning, but now I’m glad I listened to Ms. Moore and joined,” says Editor-in-Chief Makayla Sims.

The school year usually goes by in a blur for some, but this group of students try to pause and bring all of your favorite memories into a single book. Many of you know what the yearbook is, but what you don’t see is the hard work and dedication these students put into it.

The club begins working on the yearbook at the end of the current school year with the club members already carefully chosen by the editor and chief. Throughout the school year, they take pictures of every class, club, and sport that goes on.

Sydney Moore, next years editor and chief, says, “My favorite part about yearbook is when it all comes together, and the blank pages are finally filled with memories.” Many jobs fall on Sydney next year like; choosing who is going to be in yearbook club, creating the title page, and making sure everyone meets their deadlines. “I’ve grown up in yearbook since I was five, and I would go to the meetings and I always thought it looked like so much fun,” says Moore.

This years editor chief Makayla sims says, “My favorite part about yearbook is getting out of my classes to take pictures, and being able to see the finished result before anyone else.” Makayla has been in yearbook club for two years and is now finishing up her last few tasks as her senior year comes to an end. “Yearbook looks really good when you’re applying for college, and it helps strengthen your writing, editing, and photography skills.”

Yearbook applications seem long, but are truly simple and take only a few minutes to fill out. Ms.Moore says, “We are always anxious to add new people who will make our book better.” Even though the applications were only supposed to be available for three weeks there are still some available for anyone who would like to join.