The Real Shyanne Piatt

Brock Durbin, Reporter

Having a job during school is hard. There is usually one simple question: should I focus on school or work? Shyanne Piatt, junior, balances the two. She is a cashier at the new Krekel’s in Macon, Illinois.

Piatt grew up in Decatur, where she said it was boring. Working at Krekel’s gives her something to do. Her best friend, junior Emily Wilcox, also works at Krekel’s. Piatt stated that even though she works six days a week, she is smart and maintains good grades. It is very hard to keep a job and get good grades when you work all of the time. Your job expects you to work all of the time, even though you work part-time and still have school. Some days you don’t get much sleep, but the money is worth it, especially as a teenager. Piatt doesn’t have any after school activities besides work.

Having a job in high school gives you more freedom and lets you experience what it is like to be an adult. It gets you ready for the real world. Having a job in high school can also be stressful. When you apply for a job, you become anxious and wait impatiently for a call back to see if you are hired.When people think of a job, they think you go and work and won’t be very much fun. That may be true, but you become close to the other employees and make new friends. Shyanne enjoys her job at Krekel’s. She even bought her own car. How many high school students not only have an after-school job, but a car. Many students are gifted cars from their parents. Buying a car is another event that makes you feel like an adult. You also feel good about yourself afterward. Then comes more responsibilities like remembering to keep gas in the tank, changing the oil, repair anything that may need fixing, and paying insurance.

In her free time, Piatt enjoys listening to music and spending time with her best friend, Emily Wilcox. She also enjoys her family. She stated that her grandma is her role model. “She always does the right thing even when not asked.” Shyanne plans on going to college to be a Criminal Forensic Psychologist.