Dear Evan Hansen: I’d listen to it… “for forever”


Step out, step out of the sun! Dear Evan Hansen is grabbing a lot of attention for bringing in themes not usually mentioned in Broadway shows. The show opened on Broadway not too long ago, but already has a large following. "I've only listened to a few clips, but I really like it, and I'll probably listen to it more," says Hallie Gates.

Sadie Scott, Reporter

When thinking of Broadway, flashiness and exciting songs may come to mind. Maybe you think of intricate dance numbers and colorfully crafted costumes. However, a new show has come to Broadway, and it’s different from the cheerful shows that would usually be associated with Broadway’s sparkly image.

Dear Evan Hansen is the story about a small lie that turns around the life of an outsider. Evan Hansen is just a shy kid with hardly any friends the start of his senior year. He has lots of mental health problems including anxiety and depression, and as advised by his therapist, writes letters to himself. They each start out with, “Dear Evan Hansen,” and go on to describe the troubles he faces, including struggles with his crush, Zoey Murphy. However, all of that would soon turn around when Zoey’s brother, Connor Murphy, commits suicide.

The Murphy’s find one of Evan’s written letters to himself in Connor’s pocket, and believing it’s their son’s final goodbye, reach out to Evan. Evan, wanting to spare them the grief of revealing Connor really had no close friends, goes along with it. He fakes email conversations and makes up stories to make their friendship more believable.

However, once one of the letters goes viral, Evan finds himself finally in the open with all the attention he never had. To find out if Evan can keep up that intricate lie, you’ll have to see the show for yourself. However, if you’re like me and can’t just randomly buy Broadway tickets, you can listen to the beautiful soundtrack, featuring songs like: “Waving Through a Window”, “For Forever”, “Sincerely, Me”,  “You Will be Found”, and “Good for You”, just to name some of my favorites.

I really treasure this show because I feel like it showcases things that aren’t as prominently shown in mainstream media. I don’t often see suicide represented in a Broadway show. I don’t often see mental health shown in the theatre community at all, truly. I feel Dear Evan Hansen being a huge success is also a huge success for those with depression and anxiety, whose mental health is always stigmatized. It brings attention to important issues we often think are too taboo to mention.