The greatest grad caps you’ve ever seen


photo by Alyssa Gentry

“Bye Felicia’s!” Alyssa Gentry’s graduation cap shows off colorful flowers and her opinion about graduating. “I got the flowers from a garage sale and everything else from Walmart and Hobby Lobby.”

by Haley Pagel, Reporter

Meridian seniors decorate their graduation caps for the June 5th graduation ceremony in the gym to add a special something to the big day.

As graduations for many schools around Macon have already passed on, Meridian seniors still wait not-so-patiently for their big day on June 5th at 2:00 p.m. The buzz on everyone’s minds seems to be about one of a few things: the huge physics projects that are due, their final concerts or practices with their teams, and graduation.

Many seniors have been prepping for the big day and grad parties for ages now, but their outfits of choice have not taken a back seat to these last few crazy weeks. Besides the dresses, heels, and ties, many of the graduating students have decorated their caps: a staple, really, to the graduation day. While decorating grad caps may not have been as popular back when our parents were graduating seniors, the rage around the caps grows every year.

With the help of Pinterest and Facebook, graduating seniors have endless sources of ideas. Some caps are decorated to incorporate their future colleges, movies, books, or sports. One senior did just that with her graduation cap. Senior Alyssa Gentry decorated her cap based on a comedy movie called Friday. “There’s this girl named Felicia and she’s really annoying, so they always tell her ‘Bye Felicia’ and I say that all the time. I say ‘Bye Felicias’ to everyone at school so they’ll hear it again at graduation,” Gentry said with a laugh.

While many graduates choose well-known themes or hilarious puns, others prefer a more personal touch. Other popular caps show off the senior’s favorite memorable photographs and a simple phrase, while others decorate theirs with their favorite colors, design, and name. Cinda Vaughn, a Class of 2016 graduate decorated her cap according to her personal interests.

“I love orange so I knew I wanted to incorporate that somehow, and I love sparkles and gems and anything that’s glittery and sparkly. I knew that kind of says who I am, so I wanted to include that.” Vaughn decorated her cap well in advance out of excitement for graduation. “I’m excited to wear it and have people see it. They’ll think it’s sparkly and iridescent-looking.”

While many seniors look forward to prepping their caps and gowns, it is smart to keep your cap in its original, decorated condition. Many alumni and adults wish they still had their caps for memorial purposes. Meridian alum Kimmy Spiker has similar advice for the excited seniors. “I don’t have my cap anymore, it got torn up. However, I do wish I did, because I spent a lot of time on it. Also, it was the most crafty thing I have ever made so I want to be able to look back on it, because anyone that knows me would never think I actually made it,” she said laughing. Some parents and graduates by shadow boxes for memorabilia from their high school days to preserve their gowns and caps.

Seniors, get ready for the day you’ve been waiting on for so long and show off your decked-out caps. Send in pictures of your caps for your class to see! Which senior is the most graduation cap creative?