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High School (non) Musical review

November 14, 2014


photo by Sheila Moore

High School (non) Musical cast members promote their show by wearing costumes to school. Meridian Drama Club will perform their fall comedy on November 14 & 15 @ 7 p.m. The play will take place at Decatur First Church of the Nazarene, 1177 W. Hickory Point Rd., Decatur (as the high school does not currently have a stage). Amy Aukamp, who has three roles in the show and plays basketball, states, “it’s difficult to make everyone happy at the same time [coaches], but your commitments are equal- you have to stay balanced. It prepares you for the real world and will prepare me for more difficult situations in the future.”

If you want something to do this Friday or Saturday, then you should definitely go see High School (non) Musical starring Boyd Mathias as Toy Boatin and Andrea Ricker as Gaberella. It is a must see play. It opens in November on Friday and Saturday (14,15). It is located at the First Church of Nazarene.

It is packed full of comedy and good acting. The director, Sheila Moore, couldn’t have picked better leads. “The idea is really cool of it being a non musical, it sounds funny enough already,” says a Meridian student, Kimmy Spiker. The plot kind of lost me at parts because it gets random, but I found myself constantly chuckling.

Not only was the play good, but the environment was nice too. It might sound silly, but whenever I go to plays, one thing I judge is how good the chairs are and the chairs were very comfy with a lot of padding. This wasn’t a normal play with props to go with the location of the scene this play doesn’t have any there, it has a projector that puts an image of the location of the scene on the wall which is very cool. The transitions between scenes were nice, smooth, and took little time. The costumes were nicely made and fit into the scenes well. Being a small town school play, you might think some things might be cheap, but it’s not! The equipment was good. There was good lighting and cool effects. The sound was good- usually that’s a problem with plays with not being able to hear the actors or actresses, but this was not the case.

I only saw the rehearsal, and if that was good, then the real play has to be good as well. There is no way I will miss this play and nobody else should either. The play was a good length and the actors did a very good job of remembering their lines. “I’m really excited to see it, I know they’ve put a lot of work into it and it should be good,” says Katie Petrowsky, a student at Meridian who plans on attending. If you’re a student at Meridian with an activity pass, then you can get in for free, otherwise it costs $5. The Drama Club should really consider adding another comedy play to the list with as good as this one is.

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