The Scoop: Ms. Dunmire


Jordan GoodmanStreet

Chelsea Dunmire

Jordan GoodmanStreet, Reporter

Ms. Dunmire is a young teacher that used to be a Meridian student and graduated in 2011. She was academically landing eighth in her graduating class.

The teachers she had during her four years of high school:

  1. Ms. Bracken for chemistry. This was during Bracken’s first year of teaching at Meridian.
  2. Mr. Hurelbrink in history. Later, Hurelbrink became the principal at Meridian.
  3. Mr. Kershner when he was a student teacher with Hurelbrink.

What’s it like to work alongside a former student? “I didn’t think much of it, but slowly as I interacted with her more it popped into my head that she was a former student,” said Kershner.

After all these years, she is still recognized as a student that stood out.