Across the World with Micah Rem

Tyler Ward, Reporter

Not many people know about Micah Rem, that’s because he is a 16-year-old new student at Meridian High School. Rem was born in South Korea and was adopted at six months old and brought to Buena Vista, Colorado. Rem said, “Moving from Colorado was a big change, but I like it here in Illinois.”

His adopted parents moved to Colorado, but Rem and his mother moved to Illinois to get closer to her family–as he is also an only child. His adopted father is still living in Colorado.

Rem liked to ski and snowboard in the winter when he was in Colorado. Rem made the choice of coming to Meridian after he took a tour of the school and was impressed.

Rem likes to play with trading cards like Pokemon and a few other cards he collects in his spare time. You will most likely catch Rem riding his bike or playing golf. Rem said, “I like the trails and tracks here in Illinois because they are more dangerous than the ones in Colorado.”  Rem grew up outdoors, so he loves to be outdoors.

Rem is also part of the Meridian Hawks Golf and Soccer teams. Mr. Stielow, golf coach said, “He is a top three player for the Meridian Golf team.”