Snow’s star spangled speedway


Nancy Snow

Korey Damery, Reporter

Most people in the Macon area know what Macon Speedway is, but most don’t know it like Meridian junior Ella Snow. On Saturday, August 18, Snow sang the National Anthem at Macon Speedway before the races.

Snow got the opportunity to sing at the Speedway when general manager, Jeff Probus, contacted Meridian chorus teacher Ms. Dowd. Probus asked Dowd if she had any students that could do it. Snow was one of the many students asked and she accepted the offer.

“Most people at school see her [Ella] as a really quiet smart girl but when she gets to know you she is wild,” said Hallie Gates. When Gates hangs out with Snow it consists of them “singing karaoke, and watching musical movies so we can sing some more.”

“I’ve been singing pretty much all of my life but I didn’t get into it until 7th grade when I joined the Middle School Chorus.” Snow’s very first solo performance was singing the National Anthem.

One of Snow’s best friends, Moriah Renfro, said that “singing is a major part of her [Snow’s] life, she literally sings all the time,” like the time Renfro and Gates found Snow bouncing on a yoga ball singing the song “Baby” by Justin Bieber.

Renfro and Gates said when hanging out with Snow there is never a dull moment, she is always singing and dancing or  making them laugh.