Well-rounded athlete


Nichole Smith

Justin Hendrian, Reporter

Meridian freshman, Shane Smith, is an athlete. Smith is originally from Beaufort, South Carolina, and he moved to Illinois when he was 18 months old. Nicole Smith stated, “He is the oldest of 3 siblings he has 1 brother, and 2 sisters.”

He plays football and basketball for Meridian High School. Smith likes to play football because “I like to hit people,” Smith stated.

Smith is the tight end for the Meridian JV football team, they have team practices 4 days a week. Smith stated that “[I have been playing basketball] since 5th grade”.

Smith stated that his favorite coach was, “Coach Scales.”

Coach Scales is the Middle School basketball coach. When I asked freshman Korey Damery about Smith, he stated, “Shane is tall and good at basketball.”

Smith will be a huge impact on the basketball team this year. He is a center, standing at 6’0″ as a freshman, and he still has room to grow. Smith stated he is more of a defensive player and a rebounder.

That is what the basketball team is looking for since we already have a lot of point guards, we need more big men like Smith. Jakob Jones, said about Smith, “I think Shane has a chance to play JV this year.”

Smith also said he spends all of his time at sports enhancement. Sports Enhancement for those of you who do not know, is a place where you go to work out or get in shape. At the facility, you have run days and jump days, each one is scientifically designed to have you work on certain thing every time you go. They also have weightlifting which is optional, and it helps you build muscle for your sport.

Smith, is a well-rounded athlete, and I can’t wait to see how his sporting career in High School goes, but hopefully his talents will be able to get him where he is able to play sports at the collegiate level.