Moriah Renfro: The girl with the golden voice

by Marley Doering, Reporter

Moriah Renfro is a freshman at Meridian High School who has sung in her local church since she was young. Renfro  has grown up around music her whole life. She started singing when she was inspired, at the age of twelve, by both her parents who sing at their church.

“I wouldn’t call it a pop star career,” however, Renfro is hoping to start a career through her singing. She has been hoping to go to a college in Alabama where she will study for music. But she hasn’t always had the dream to sing. When Renfro began this school year she almost took volleyball. “I was going to play volleyball this year … but my heart wasn’t in volleyball my heart was in music [and] ministry.”  Participating in night games and church seemed to clash too much.

Her mom and dad encouraged her, either way, so when it came to decision time, Renfro chose to follow her passion and chose to participate in choir and her church instead of volleyball. Zoe Doering, a friend of Renfro, believes that “Moriah is doing a great job connecting with her community by singing in her church.” Renfro’s choir teacher, Ms. Dowd, informed me of how much passion she poured into her singing. “She truly enjoys it by the expression on her face.” She also informed me on how much Renfro is influencing her chorus class, she said Renfro volunteers and she encourages her along the way.