Macon mechanic – Cole Damery


Cole Damery

Kendra Merris, Reporter

Football, fishing, racing and working on cars, senior Cole Damery is a man of all traits. After football, Damery likes to work on cars in his shop, Damery Bros. Decatur-Danville Scale Co., with his dad.

At the beginning of the school year, he can’t work on them as often as he would like. Damery goes on to say, “I work on them when I can after football practice. Once football is over, I start working on them after school more.”

Damery has not only worked on his own truck but he has worked on many others also. “I just like to fix them if they’re broken. I would rather fix our vehicles myself rather than take them to a car shop to be fixed by someone else and have to pay for it.”

Keeping a car in safe working order can get expensive. From an oil change to replacing an alternator, the costs of keeping a car safe and running can vary tremendously. Taking your car to a professional shop to repair can get costly, not only do you have to pay for your parts needed, you also have to pay for your mechanic’s time.

When asking a local mechanic how much he charges for his time on a repair for a car he replied, “Usually 60 to 100 dollars an hour. Depending on the repair that needs made.”

Damery is not just a one-man show, though, he sometimes works with friends and his cousins but he mostly works with his dad. Damery says,  “If my truck breaks, I’m going to try fixing it that night or as soon as I can to get it running again.”

The older the car, the more challenging the job. Older cars can have parts that aren’t manufactured anymore. Parts are rusted. Older parts cost more, but none of that stops Damery.

“We also have some old cars we are working on to try to get them running. I work on them when I can after football practice. Once football is over, I start working on them after school more. I work on the older cars more consistently on the weekends,” says Damery.

Damery’s favorite car he has worked on is a  1973 Mustang Mach 1. He said, “The Mustang is my favorite to work on because of our two muscle cars, it’s less work. I also think it’s cooler and worth more finished than some of the other cars we have.”

Austin Durbin, a friend of his since 8th grade, says that, “Cole is pretty good at it. He doesn’t do a sloppy job.” So if in need of help with a car, maybe ask Damery.

“I’ll help someone with their car if they help me when I need it, or it can be the other way around,” Damery says.