Future vet?


Drew Snow, Reporter

Meridian freshman, Mahalah Cash wants to be a vet when she get older because “it is interesting.” She even worked for a zoo for a while over her summer break.

Cash said that her favorite place to hang out is her house because it is “drama free” and she likes to be lazy when she gets home from school. Cash’es best friends are Abagayle Jones, Hanna Reichert, and Briana Tackett. Cash admires her uncle most in life because he is the one that “practically raised” her.

Her most memorable moment was when she was younger and she jumped off her couch and fell on a glass table breaking four teeth and her leg at the same time. Then laughing said, “I will remember that moment forever.

Cash enjoys playing soccer. Cash has played for the YMCA for six years and is planning on trying out for her high school. In school, Cash takes Foods I & II. She jokingly said with a smile, “Foods class is decent, washing dishes,” but also said more seriously, “it is not as usual as other classes because you actually get to do stuff.” 

Briana Tackett, one of Cash’s best friend is a sophomore this year.  “We have been friends since three.” She also said just as Cash did that their favorite spot to hang out is “her dad’s house.”