Spenser Lacox: A boy and his best friend

Spenser Lacox: A boy and his best friend

Sarah Lacox

Ian Carnahan, Reporter

Spenser Lacox, junior, enjoys the finer things in life: sleeping and playing with his dog. His dog, a beagle/lab mix named Elly, has been his best friend since he was four years old. He adopted her at Love at First Sight, a shelter that was once at Hickory Point mall. “Our connection is pretty strong. I’ve pretty much known her since I was born,” said Lacox.

Lacox is not involved in any after school activities, which gives him more time to spend with Elly, but Elly is adored by more than just Lacox. “When we are alone, we just make fun of Elly together,” says Andrew Cromwell, junior.

When asked, Spencer Litteral, a junior and friend to Lacox, what the best part about Spenser is, he replied, “Probably his dog. She’s the best.”

Elly has affected him in more ways than one. She has given him her companionship, loyalty, and Lacox joked, she has affected his sleeping by waking him up at the crack of dawn. Lacox stated that she’s eleven years old and really lazy. He does not mind, though, he still considers her his best friend. “She’s always around. On my list of favorite things, she’s number one,” says Lacox.

Curious as to why he named his dog Elly? Whether it was given at the shelter or if he named her for a special reason? “I named her Elly because I used to have a dog named Elwood. Elwood died, so I decided to name her Elly.”

Lacox shares, “My dog has a Twitter, @DJElly04.”