Matthew Dingman: Good with his hands

Sydney Moore, Reporter

Matthew Dingman, Meridian junior, does many skilled things with his hands. He does drawings and participates in Technical Academy for welding. Outside of school, Dingman plays video games and is an animal lover. He most often draws in class and when he is bored.

“Matthew’s art is very creative. I love his art because it’s original. He thinks outside of the box and doesn’t hesitate to make something his own way with a unique twist. He has a phenomenal way of visualizing something and then expressing it on paper,” Kerrie Dingman, M. Dingman’s mother, tells about her son’s artwork.

Meridian junior, Emily Crull, close friend to Dingman met him on the bus and they became friends because of their similarities and shared sense of humor. Crull mostly sees Dingman drawing memes and Harambe, in the class they share each day.

“I think he’s too short to weld. I have never seen him weld and I think I am thankful for that. But on the other hand, I’m probably just being mean to him because we are good friends. He’s probably really good,” Crull says with a smile.

This is Dingman’s first year in Richland’s Technical Academy and he is apart of the welding program. His favorite thing about the program is the independence of the class and he tells that the classes are more college-like.

Dingman says about his class, “I like how you pretty much do the welding yourself.  You don’t watch someone else do it or anything, you just do it by yourself.  You have to pass a safety test before you can do anything.”