Levi Goodman, deer gone wild?

Levi Goodman, deer gone wild?

Tristan Henson

Tristan Henson, Reporter

Levi Goodman, a sophomore at Meridian, is a normal teenage boy born in Decatur, Illinois. Goodman has an interest that some people may not have, nature. Goodman has always admired the outdoors and enjoys the company of the natural Earth.

Goodman was born in Decatur, Illinois, and from a young age, loved the outdoors and camping. Goodman and his family go camping at every chance they can grab. Whether it be a holiday or just a boring weekend, nothing is better for their family than passing the time with an adventure. His family usually packs up on a Friday with their trailer and heads off to Shelbyville Eagle Creek, their favorite spot for camping. Once there, the family, consisting of two uncles and aunts, his 3 brothers, his parents, and his sister, unpack and get ready to enjoy some outdoor activities. Goodman enjoys playing basketball, which is one of his favorite things to do. They also like to go walking in nature and have a look around.

Goodman, once while walking his dog on the trails, noticed something peculiar, he turned his head and noticed an enormous deer staring right at him. Usually, deer are very skittish around humans, but are known to be territorial at times. The deer grunted and went into full throttle towards Goodman. Luckily, Goodman made a narrow escape and made his way back to the campsite to share his story, he said he was pretty startled by it, but it was a good laugh to look back on. Him and his other relatives like to go down to the creek bed and search for cool rocks and stone arrowheads. Goodman plans on going back again and take his future children camping and hopes they enjoy it as much as he does.

Goodman’s brother, Lucas, describes his brother as a charismatic individual who has a sense of humor and very caring, but also unmotivated in school. He played basketball in the sixth grade, but didn’t enjoy the seriousness of it and just wanted to play it for fun.

Noah Doran, friend of Goodman for four years says,”He is a cool guy, he is pretty funny but can be loud at times.”