Jesse Damery: More than just your ‘base’ic player

Sadie Scott, Reporter

Jesse Damery, freshman, is known to be a great athlete among her peers, coaches, and fans alike. However, her eclectic talent has been noticed by more than just District 15. An avid softball player, Damery started her career at just six years old.

“I played tee-ball, and I’ve been  in love with playing the field ever since.”

She plays for Meridian, but something you may not know is that she was recruited by a league centered in Tennessee after the coach had seen her play. The Tennessee Platinums are a team of gifted softball players; most players are found in the Tennessee area, but players have been scouted by coaches as far as New York. Still, on her home team, she says she’s close to all of  her supportive teammates.

“She’s super talented; one of the best players on the team,” says Mackenzie Kallenbach, junior. “She really has lots of potential.”

Damery plans on going to college with a scholarship for softball,  the Platinums have made it a reality because, in addition to skill, she has now added experience. Playing for the Platinums gives her college exposure, which she wants in order to attend her dream school, University of Alabama. Jesse has a true passion for her game, but when asked if there were any drawbacks, she confided:

“People really don’t understand how stressful it is [to balance school, sports, and a social life]. They don’t understand how much I miss out on or why.”

According to Damery, it’s all worth it to play the sport she loves.  She’s even inspired others to go after what they want; Tori Smith, a former Meridian student, friend, and fan of Damery says:

“I always wanted to play softball, but it just wasn’t a sport I was good at. Every time I watch Jesse play, it makes me see how much fun it is and realize how bad I want to be out there.”