Five ways to be more fashionable

by Jennifer Galloway, Reporter

Have you been stuck in a fashion rut? On a tight budget? Or simply don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on your wardrobe? Worry no more! There are 5 ways to be more fashion forward at a more affordable price.


The temperature might be cooling down, but that doesn’t mean your style has to. Winter is under way and let’s face it, you’d rather be cuddled up in a sweatshirt and sweatpants than be stuck in “dressy” clothes. Good news, you can be comfortable and stylish at the same time. The girls go-to when it comes to pants is yoga pants or leggings. There is nothing un-fashionable about this choice of clothing. Leggings are a multipurpose pant. They come in all kinds of colors and styles so they won’t limit your creative style. Leggings are usually thinner than yoga pants so if you want a lighter pair of bottoms to go with a long top, dress or skirt, leggings would be the perfect choice. Yoga pants have become very popular lately and they are a must-have in your wardrobe. It’s very easy to pull off any outfit in yoga pants. From comfy to classy, yoga pants fit all your needs. Meridian junior, Addie Bogle stated, “I wear leggings quite often. They can be fashionable depending on what you wear with it. They are really comfortable especially on ‘lazy’ days.”

A comfy way for guys to stay fashion forward but also comfy are khaki joggers. They look like khakis but have the comfort of sweatpants. Lately this trend is becoming more popular only to ones who dare to mix the two contrasting styles.


Shoes are really the key to any outfit. They come in all different styles and colors and they can be a fun accessory to your outfit. During winter, ladies like to have fun with different kinds of boots. The style of boot you wear really just depends on what kind of person you are and if you’re willing to go out of your comfort zone a little bit. This season ankle boots are a big hit!

Guys’ comfort zone is with athletic shoes. Which isn’t a bad thing because some can actually be very stylish. Lately another trend for the girls is Chuck Taylor’s Converse. They come in any style and in any color you can imagine! It’s not very hard to find a pair to match an outfit.


People are drawn to symmetry, it’s no surprise that we are big fans of prints and patterns. There are many different types and styles of prints out there. One type of print that has been a favorite of both genders is Aztec print. Aztec print can literally come on anything you want and come in many different patterns and colors. Another popular print is plaid. Plaid also comes in different styles and colors. You typically see a plaid print on a flannel shirt. They are a shirt both genders are fans of. Ladies don’t even have to actually put the flannel on for it to be stylish. Finding a plaid flannel shirt to match your outfit then simply tying it around your waist is a different way to keep your outfit “fresh.”


This one is for the girls. Your makeup doesn’t have to be elaborate to be “pretty.” Simple makeup is in. Sometimes just keeping it simple is the way. Eye shadow is always a plus, but it’s not a must. Just using eyeliner and mascara can make you look presentable and clean. I know some ladies get scared of the top eyeliner, but by using a steady hand and time you can perfect the top eyeliner. To the girls who are even more “daring,” adding a small or large wing to the end of your eyeliner is always nice and gives you a “cat eye.”


Next thing is lips. Like I said before keeping it simple is always a way to go. Light and natural colors are always in style. Sometimes it’s nice to go on the “wild side.” Bright lips are always fun such as red, pink, and sometimes purple! Dark lipstick is for more of a dramatic look. You don’t have to make it black but close to it is just fine.  

You’re probably thinking “where do I go to look so fashionable?” Shopping locally is always better than traveling. Sometimes the places you don’t even think of are carrying the stylish clothes you’ve been looking for. Do your research on where to shop and never judge a book by its cover. Go outside your comfort zone- you might like what you find.