Sink your claws into all seven seasons

The MTV official poster for Season One of Teen Wolf.

photo by MTV official art

The MTV official poster for Season One of Teen Wolf.

On June 5, 2011, Teen Wolf was released on MTV.  It was created by Jeff Davis. Everyone began to like the new show that was aired. It became very popular with its 7 seasons.

Teen Wolf is a drama and action show. It’s kind of based on the characters of the 1985 movie Teen Wolf starring Michael J Fox. All of the main characters were in their twenties when this show came out, but they play high schoolers. The main character, Scott McCall, is a Beacon Hill high school student who has asthma and plays lacrosse but doesn’t get much time on the field. His best friend, Stiles Stilinski, (aka his partner in crime) also plays lacrosse and is with Scott all the time.

In the pilot episode, they both go out and find a dead body. Stiles’ dad is the sheriff of Beacon Hills. Come to find out that the dead body was the sister of Derek Hale who kind of creeps out Stiles and Scott at first. Derek’s whole family dies in a suspicious fire. This was not just suspicious to the two boys but the whole community. 

On the same night as finding the dead body, Scott is by himself and loses his inhaler then gets bit by a werewolf. In the first season, viewers will see Scott struggle trying to fit in as a werewolf and how he deals with it. Issue one is keeping it a secret from a lot of people. Issue two is keeping it from Allison Argent, his love interest and whose family hunts werewolves. Issue three is Stiles keeping the secret from Allison’s best friend Lydia Martin who Stiles is in love with. 

There are at least twenty or so episodes in a season, all of them are different. Characters go through many struggles in the seasons and also make new friends and new enemies who you don’t expect. If you like shows like The Vampire Diaries and the actual movie Teen Wolf, then you will love to binge-watch this show.