Bernie meme takes front row seat

With the recent inauguration Bernie Sanders attended, internet memes took over shortly after


photo by Robert Le Cates

Bernie joins Journalism, Mrs. Moore’s seventh-hour class. In the teacher’s seat.


From his posture to his mittens, Bernie Sanders’ attire has managed to take over the “meme-scape” of the internet in a matter of days. What started as fashionable photographs of guests at the Inauguration, has now become an online sensation, and even a fundraiser for charity.

“I think it’s hilarious and something good people can focus on given the state of our country,” senior, Dominik Smith, said. “Left and right can both agree that an old man in big mittens is pimpin’.”

On January 20, the 46 President, Joe Biden, was sworn into office, along with Madam Vice President Kamala Harris. In attendance were famous figures such as Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, and Jenifer Lopez. All were photographed wearing classy, professional clothing. Sanders, however, took a warmer approach. Donned in a large coat, a mask, and his now-iconic mittens, he took social media by storm.

“I think it may have been a little inappropriate for the inauguration but it wasn’t too irrational,” sophomore, Elena Rojas said. “[…] People may not have considered what he was wearing up to par, and because he’s a politician and well-known man it’s likely to be made a big deal by social media.”

Teens across the country flew to their smartphones to release an abundance of memes depicting Sanders in various scenarios. From basketball courts to snowy cafes, Sanders’ famous pose has seen it all. Well-known TikTok creators like @mikebennettart have jumped on the bandwagon as well, creating a handmade wooden cut-out of Sanders in a video. Even some students like junior Maria Steiling, have joined in the fun by embroidering Sanders into cloth.

“I asked Madison Sapp if she would like me to embroider something for her, and she asked for a copy of the meme,” Steiling said. “It took about three hours to finish the piece […] it uses French knots and satin stitches so it was fairly simple.”

Memes aren’t the only thing coming from the picture. Sanders has started selling sweatshirts depicting the image and sending the money to the Meals on Wheels program in his home state of Vermont. The crew neck sweatshirts are $45 a piece, but are currently sold out due to “overwhelming demand.” According to his campaign website, the sweatshirt will take four to eight weeks to ship.

“I think Bernie selling the sweatshirts for the food charity is really cool of him and is a good way to use something for good,” Smith said.

Whether you’re scrolling through social media or creating your own, there’s a Bernie meme for everyone.

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