Pandemic dating advice with Merrie D. Anne


photo by Breanna Evans

Merrie D. Anne is The Meridian Daily advice columnist who addresses issues students may face. This month, she gives advice on how to handle feelings of confusion and stress associated with a busy spring schedule.

“Hi Merrie D. Anne, I recently formed a crush on someone new and we’ve been talking, but how do I even go about dating them? How do I bring up the topic without actually throwing up on them? What if I mess things up? Is it even safe to date right now? Please help.”


a Very Lonely Student”


Dear Very Lonely Student,

I’d like to say first that being scared of throwing up on the person you like is very normal. Being scared of messing things up is also a very valid fear. That’s just how it feels to like someone!

The most important thing is to be upfront and honest with your feelings. It is definitely the easiest way to go about things. Trust me, no one appreciates a complicated situation, there’s no need for extra stress.

Think about all the possible outcomes of you confessing your feelings to your person and prepare yourself for them. Sometimes people won’t feel the same way about you and that’s okay.

Have confidence! Not only do people like people with confidence but it will make doing something scary easier. You got this! You won’t ever know if they like you back if you don’t ask.

However, as you may have guessed, I am not a doctor. I really can’t say how safe it is or isn’t. COVID-19 is very contagious but keeping your circle small should be fine. Once again though, I am not a doctor. For more accurate information and advice check out the CDC website.