Breanna’s basketball journey


photo by Chad Mitchell Photography

One of the senior photos for Breanna Evans during her senior photo shoot with Chad Mitchell Photography. Evans started playing basketball in sixth grade. “I first met and began working with Bre when she was in 6th grade. She had a lot of raw talent, and worked hard at improving her game. She was always a good kid, very respectful, and willing to listen and learn,” Breanna’s coach Mike Houran said.

Breanna Evans is a blonde, bubbly, bright Meridian High School senior who moved to Decatur and started playing basketball in sixth grade, and then later began to attend Meridian her sophomore year. Her basketball coach Mike Houran, who she has had as a coach since then, with the exception of her 8th grade and freshman year, is the one who started her out on her basketball journey.

“I’ve just fallen in love with the game and I hope to continue my career in it in college,” Evans said.

Her coach believes that she has the potential to play at the next level.

“I believe she has found a good match for her athletically as well as academically. I have planted some seeds with a few schools, and I definitely think she is on the right path,” Houran said.

Sometimes it can be hard for her to find a balance with school work and basketball.

“Any free time from basketball I get I take advantage of,” Evans said. 

Whether it’s before practice, on the bus on the way to a game, during a junior varsity game, or staying up later than she would like, she tries her best to stay on top of her school work. 

While it may be hard and tiring it is worth it,” Evans said.

Evans feels boys basketball is more appreciated than girls basketball is, despite being the same sport. Boy’s basketball games tend to draw a larger crowd and a bigger audience than the girl’s games do.

“I attend some of the boy’s games and wish that we had the same crowd they do. It’s hard to play in a quiet gym sometimes, we don’t have the fan section like they do.” Evans said. “It’s something that we have always wanted but had never gotten. We are hoping within the next few years that that will change.”

She has considered going to colleges where she can continue to play basketball, the sport she loves so much, specifically D3 or D4 colleges.

“I have one college coach looking at me at Lincon Christian,” Evans said.

Evans was invited to a recruiting day where she got to meet the coaches, meet the other players, get a tour of the campus, and get a feel of how it’s set up.

“I was very scared because I hadn’t played basketball in so long because of COVID.”

Evans’s nerves were quickly eased by the people she met on the recruiting day.

“The coach, he’s very sweet, he makes everybody feel at home,” Evans said. “The players were always sweet as well.”

Evans knows that if she continues to do this sport in college the playing style will be very different than what she is used to, she would play with new people, be coached by a different coach, and practice in a new place. Instead of being scared, she is excited to welcome this new challenge.

“I want to better myself, not only for me but for my teammates as well,” Evans said. 

She does not know for sure if she will decide to coach in the future, but it is something she considers a possibility.

“I love the team atmosphere, and we’re not only a team but we’re a family,” Evans said. “Having those people around you who are always there for you is the biggest thing.”

Evans will surely be missed when she graduates and moves on to bigger opportunities.

“I miss all my kids when they graduate and move on. She is great to be around, and upbeat most of the time. I am confident and hopeful we have created a lifelong relationship. I am anxious to go watch her play in college,” Houron said.