Headlines, Deadlines, and Spare Time


photo by Robert Le Cates

Robert Le Cates holds up some of his favorite books and his favorite podcast. He spent a lot of his time during quarantine reading books and listening to podcasts.

You will not find him on the court or field playing a sport but may spot him on the sidelines with a camera. Robert Le Cates, senior, takes pictures for the yearbook and The Meridian Daily online newspaper.

“I’m not athletic by any means, but when I’m out on the field or court, it makes me feel like I’m there in the game,” Le Cates said. “It’s the best feeling when I get a great picture.”

Le Cates has taken on the task of being both the Editor-in-Chief for the yearbook and the newspaper. He is also a part of the All-State Journalism team.

“So being editor is both great and stressful,” Le Cates said. “I love both publications with all my heart, and I want to make them the best they can be.”

With COVID 19 making 2020 a crazy year, The Meridian Daily and Meridian Moments Yearbook staffs have a lot on their hands when dealing with the publications and all the unknowns.

“My goal for the yearbook this year is to adventure out of everyone’s comfort zone,” Le Cates said. “This year is crazy and it [the yearbook] might as well be too.” 

The Meridian Daily has badges that they earn when they meet certain guidelines for certain areas of the publication. The badges, also known as recognition awards include Best of SNO award, Audience Engagement, Multimedia Badge, Story Package Excellence, Continuous Coverage Badge, and the Site Excellence badge.

“My goal is to get all the badges,” Le Cates said.

To be on the All-State Journalism team is not something everybody can earn. This is something you have to work hard for and Le Cates did just that. 

“The All-State team was an accomplishment that made me acknowledge the talent for journalism and yearbook,” Le Cates said. “Up until then I wasn’t sure if I was good or not, or even if I liked it a lot, but after I heard I won, it made me pursue it [journalism and yearbook].”

When not working on the yearbook or writing a story for the Meridian Daily, Le Cates likes to read books and listen to podcasts. 

“I listen to a lot of podcasts that talk about a lot of things,” Le Cates said. “Whether they are political, information, or just downright funny.”

He has listened to podcasts like The Yearbook Whys, Ask Mike, Super Panic Frenzy, Behind the Pine, among others with his favorite being Behind the Pine. 

“The reason I like “Behind the Pine” so much is that their main host ran a show on YouTube called Alternative Lifestyle or Sugar Pine 7,” Le Cates said. “This show was goofy but it is held through with its other serious messages with drug abuse and friends.”

He not only listens to podcasts but likes to read books to help him relax and unwind.

“My favorite author is John Green by far. Everything he’s made except for that one I have enjoyed,” Le Cates said. “His books give me such a good feeling reading them.”