Senior Spotlight: Jonathan Snowden


photo by Brycen Bridges

Jonathan Snowden joined the Meridian School District in sophomore year.

Jonathan Lane Snowden was born on March 22, 2002, in Decatur, Il., to Teresa Patton and John Snowden. He has two sisters named Ashley Copple and Sarah Copple. 

Snowden plans to attend Richland Community College and may transfer to another college, depending on his business, to study entrepreneurship. He loves to work with computers and design.

Snowden joined the Meridian School District during sophomore year and has participated in football, track & field, and he had planned to play baseball this year but COVID-19 put a dent in that plan. Outside of school, he has worked at Del’s Popcorn Shop for a year and three months.

Snowden is also the owner of his own clothing brand and the business called Snowden Productions. Snowden Productions is a mixture of photography, videography, and digital design. Snowden makes logos for people and helps create websites, while at the same time doing photography and videography for people.

The business started when Notorious P.I.G asked him to make a logo for them, and they brought more business for Snowden. His clothing brand is something he has always wanted, he has actually had two others before this one that he did not like. A year and a half after he ended those brands, he started his newest brand which he loves.

Snowden’s clothing brand Rogue Wrld can be found here:

Snowden Productions can be found here:

Snowden looks forward to a successful business with a successful and loving family.

Snowden will remember the times he has spent with friends and the ton of memories they made.

“Thrive off YOUR goal. Follow YOUR goal. People will always try to make you think it’s not worth it or you won’t be successful. But use what they say and thrive off it,” Snowden said to his fellow classmates. “Because once you get to a point of success you’ll look back on everyone that doubted you and realize their doubt was just their fear of seeing you accomplish.”