Senior Spotlight: Tommy Ozier


photo by Alex Boehm

Tommy Ozier has attended the Meridian School District for 12 years.

Thomas (Tommy) Emerson Ozier was born Feb. 6, 2001, in St. Louis, Mo., to David and Willie Ozier. He has two older siblings named Reba Ozier and Karena Ozier.

Ozier plans to get straight into the workforce after high school, however, he does not know what he wants to do for a career yet. He says he plans to just live life one day at a time and whatever happens…happens.

Ozier has been part of the Meridian School District for 12 years, and in high school he has participated in track & field for three years, football for three years, and soccer for two years. However, for his whole life, Ozier has participated in wrestling, track & field, soccer, football, basketball, and baseball. His favorite class in school would have to be math with Dave McCleary, because he was really fun and nice. Also, the people in the class were amazing to share a class with. Outside of school, he has spent his time working at Kroger’s, Tabor’s Feed Mill, and Lowe’s.

Ozier looks forward to having a family of his own in the future. However, he will miss seeing his friends that have genuine fun and experiencing new things.

Ozier has many memories of his time at school hanging out with his friends. However, one prominent memory he has is when the football team won their first game of the season against Oblong. On the way to Oblong, most of the team slept on the bus because it was about a two-hour drive. After the game, Ozier remembers the atmosphere in the locker room and how happy everyone was. On the way back from Oblong, the buses were filled with fun and music, it was a great time.

Ozier would like his fellow classmates to know he is thankful for all of the memories and hopes everyone figures out what they want to do in life.