Summer Staycation: how to beat the boredom

Haley Grimes

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March 27, 2021

photo by Haley Grimes

Major events like prom and graduation have been postponed due to the COVID-19 quarantine.

With the end of the school year fast approaching, summer vacation will start soon. Students across the country are in a “staycation” of their own currently, and are running out of ways to stay busy. With the stay-at-home order still underway, what is there to do? Here’s 60 ways to beat your boredom this summer staycation.

Order out from your local restaurants
Have a family game night
Video chat with friends
Play pictionary on Zoom
Build a pillow fort
DIY your own game board
Experiment with baking
Call your grandparents
Text someone you aren’t close with
Make your own facemask
Paint a picture
Clean your yard
Dye your hair
Wash your car/ parents car
Binge all 15 flicks on our multi-streaming coronacation list
Stargaze in your backyard
Write a letter
Read a new book
Rearrange your room
Make dinner for your family
Start a new workout routine
Plant a garden
Repaint your bedroom
Buy a new video game
Follow Meridian Publications on your social media
Complete a puzzle
Practice an instrument
Learn a new language
Try yoga
Write thank you notes to first responders
Organize your kitchen
Learn to knit or crochet
Color until you fill a coloring book
Write a book/short story
Learn to braid
Indoor scavenger hunt
Teach your pet new tricks
Learn a new dance
Attempt things with your non-dominant hand
Donate to food banks
Write a song
Take a long nap
Try meditation
Learn Origami
Take a virtual trip online
Listen to “What the Flick” podcast on The Meridian Daily
Make a photo/scrapbook
Do a DIY face mask
Clean out your closet
“Camp” in your backyard
Make lemonade
Watch a documentary
Try meal prepping
Draw with sidewalk chalk
Live stream the Northern Lights
Play scrabble
Learn how to do the splits
Watch an opera
Invent something new
Host a virtual party