Senior Spotlight: Keely Kirby


photo by Bittersweet Memories Photography

Keely Kirby joined the Meridian School District in fourth grade.

Keely Renee Kirby was born on July 29, 2002, at Decatur Memorial Hospital in Decatur, Il., to Shannon and Jason Kirby. She has one older sister named Taylor Kirby.

Kirby plans to attend Richland Community College although she is still undecided about what she plans to major in or do for the rest of her life.

Kirby joined the Meridian School District in the fourth grade and has participated in board game club, softball for one year, track for three years, and volleyball for four years. Outside of school, Kirby spends her time at work at her dad’s repo company, Precision Recovery.

Kirby looks forward to being able to buy her own house, however, she will miss having a locker and being able to see everyone in one building.

Kirby has made many memories during her time at Meridian. Like, the trip to the Illinois state capital, Springfield, last year with Evan Kershner to a museum. It was a blast for Kirby and the videos they got to watch, had a lot of cool 3D effects. On a funny note, right after the bus left the school, Kershner figured out that he left his wallet at the school which was needed to pay for things on the trip. Therefore, the bus had to turn around and go back to the school to pick up his wallet.

Another memory is when Heather Crackel played with the skeleton arm in Anatomy this year. Although, her favorite memories are from her morning table in the Great Hall before school starts, where everyone talked about how much we did not want to be at school. The table included Hallie Gates, Hannah Reichert, Heather Crackel, Ellen Jackson, Amber Coon, Taylor Pagel, Moriah Renfro, Ella Snow, Savannah Mendenhall, and Kirby.

Kirby would like to hope all of her classmates well with their future plans.