Yearbook continues to cover spring sports

Karrigan True

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Prom Coronation
May 4, 2021

photo by Sheila Moore

These pages for the yearbook, designed by Breanna Evans, are just one example of the work coming out of the yearbook program during this quarantine.

Due to the continuous spread of COVID-19, Illinois’ governor, JB Pritzker, announced on April 17 there will be no more in-person instruction for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. IHSA then canceled all spring sports and tournaments. The MHS yearbook club, Meridian Moments, is now faced with a challenge: to cover spring sports which won’t be played.

When the idea spring sports could be canceled was first mentioned, Hallie Gates, Meridian Moments Editor-in-Chief was scared about what yearbook would do. “Then by the time it was official we had planned for it and brainstormed a lot so I’m glad we were proactive about it,” Gates said.

With spring sports canceled, yearbook members have to be creative with how the book will come together. Some have ideas for what they want to do, however, others are in need of help from the community.

“My main problem with seasons being canceled right now is pictures,” Madison Sapp, a senior staffer said.

Since the yearbook staff can’t meet in person, it’s hard to talk and bounce ideas off of each other. The motivation isn’t the same as when you’re together.

“Right now it is hard for us as a staff to really meet, sure we have Zoom calls but not being able to physically see each other makes it hard to share ideas,” Robert Le Cates, Design Editor said.

The yearbook’s job is to tell a story. Gates believes this cancellation is a story to be told.

“Just like history, the year has its ups and downs. I’m still confident in our ability to make a great book,” Gates said.

If you have any questions, concerns, or a story you want to be told in the yearbook, feel free to reach out to a staff member.

“This book is yours, but we need your help to make it mean something to you,” Gates said.

If you have pictures of spring sports you would like to submit to the yearbook, please contact the members in charge of the sport below.

Bass Fishing, JV and Varsity Baseball; [email protected]

Girls Soccer, Girls Track; [email protected]

Boys Track; [email protected]

JV and Varsity Softball; [email protected]