Senior Spotlight: Trevor Wingard


photo by Alexis Rosenberger

Trevor Wingard has attended the Meridian School District for 12 years.

Trevor Michael Wingard was born on Jan. 3, 2002, at Decatur Memorial Hospital in Decatur, Il., to Tom and Tanya Wingard. He has an older brother named T.J.Wingard.

Wingard plans to attend Eureka College to study sports management, where he will also be a member of the Eureka College baseball team. He wants to be a pipeliner and a baseball coach. He wants to be in that career because he would love to see young players evolve and mature on and off the field while teaching them baseball and life lessons. 

Wingard has attended the Meridian School District for 12 years and has participated in baseball for four years and gold for one year. Outside of school, Wingard has spent his time working at The Wildflour and Panera.

Wingard looks forward to playing baseball in college and meeting so many new faces. However, he will miss being able to see all of his friends and making memories.

Wingard remembers in fifth grade when he almost injured Derek McLaughlin in a game of matball during study hall. McLaughlin was the pitcher in the center circle of the basketball court, and when he pitched the ball to Wingard, he kicked the ball and it hit the sound system above McLaughlin which fell. Luckily, McLaughlin was able to get out of the way just in time before the sound system fell into the circle.

Another memory would be from kindergarten when Jake Rhodes asked Shiela Rambo if he could make a paper airplane, which was strictly banned by the principal. Wingard remembers he yelled out, “A paper airplane?” like it was the coolest thing ever and the whole class yelled at him because he was so loud and the principal had been walking down the hall.

Another memory he has is when he, Ella Snow, Heather Crackel, Kyle Farmer, Hailey Thompson, and Larou de Jong all went to visit Colin Heidemann work, Walmart. While they were there, the group had taken the display bikes off their posts to take them on rides. Then, they set up some folding tables and chairs, which then resulted in them almost being kicked out.

Wingard would like his fellow classmates to live life to the fullest and do not be afraid to create your own path.