Senior Spotlight: Steven Stoots


photo by Steven Stoots

Steven Stoots has attended the Meridian School District for 12 years.

Steven Michael Stoots was born on March 24, 2002, in Decatur, Il., to Frances King and Steven Stoots Sr. His three siblings are named Tyler King, Amber Stoots, and Emma Lawerence.

Stoots plans to attend Richland Community College to study automotive coursework in hopes of becoming a mechanic. This career fits him because he loves to work on vehicles, and ever since he was a young boy, he would work in the garage with his father. Stoots has a passion for vehicles and working on them.

Stoots has attended Meridian for 12 years and has participated in football for four years, band for three years, drama club for two years, and track for one year. Outside of school, he has worked at Dairy Queen, Elwin Tree Farm, Billingsley Service Center, and currently at the Macon Speedway. 

Stoots looks forward to having a family, a good job and being able to live the American dream. However, he will miss being able to see all of his friends and football.

A prominent memory Stoots has is when Michael Lagala broke his wrist after he fell from the monkey bars at recess. In elementary school, the class of 2020 had a week where they played extreme cops and robbers. This game led to Trent Reynolds breaking his collarbone and Lagala breaking his wrist. The worst part about Lagala’s wrist breaking was his bone popped out of the skin so everyone could see the damage that was done.

Stoots also remembers one day at football practice when Karl Renfro picked him up and then held him while Renfro ran around with him in his arms. Another memory is when Stoots accidentally dropped two 45 pound plates on Korey Damery’s toe. 

Stoots would like his fellow classmates to know that he hopes they all succeed in life.