Senior Spotlight: Savannah Mendenhall


photo by Jonah Brue

Savannah Mendenhall started at the Meridian School District in freshman year.

Savannah Suzanne Mendenhall was born on July 15, 2002, at Decatur Memorial Hospital in Decatur, Il., to Douglas and Pamela Mendenhall. She has four siblings named Mikayla Murray, Julianna Mendenhall, Austin Mendenhall, and Ethan Mendenhall. 

Mendenhall plans to attend Alabama State University to become an accountant. She desires this career because she has always been good at math and would not mind it as a career.

Mendenhall joined the Meridian School District in freshman year after she had been homeschooled by her parents. She has participated in Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), FCA, FCS club, drama club, and National Honor Society (NHS). Outside of school, she is a receptionist at the Eastern Star Home since June of 2019.

Mendenhall looks forward to living in a new place and making new memories. However, she will miss her friends and teachers the most.

One of Mendenhall’s favorite memories is when the Warnick family brought supplies to the Mendenhall family after the tornado destroyed their house. The teachers and staff gathered household items, toiletries, and clothes for them. It was really appreciated and showed her just how much the Meridian faculty is willing to do for their students. She will always remember their kindness.

Another set of popular memories are the pep rallies and how fun they were. She enjoyed the feeling of school pride that everyone seemed to have. It was also fun to see the teachers participate and try to make it memorable for everyone. She also will never forget the time Keagan Kantor called McGraw-Hill, the book company, in search of Señor Cruz. Señor Cruz is a character in one of the Spanish videos Bess Dotterweich showed the class. We were all really intrigued by him and could not find anything on Google about him. It became a running joke in Spanish class. 

Mendenhall would like her fellow students to know she really is going to miss them.

“I hope that we can have class reunions in the future so we can keep in touch,” Mendenhall said.