Senior Spotlight: Mallory Scurlock


photo by Shayne Force

Mallory Scurlock joined the Meridian School District during freshman year.

Mallory Lynn Scurlock was born on July 2, 2002, at St. Mary’s Hospital in Decatur, Il., to Shona Force and Michael Scurlock. She has ten siblings named Ellyssa Force, Jacob Force, Seth Force, Max Scurlock, Maggie Scurlock, Baylee Force, Madison Scurlock, Koleton Force, Layne Force, and Nicholas Force.

Scurlock plans to attend Richland Community College to study elementary education. She hopes to become an elementary teacher because she loves kids and is great when it comes to working with them. Her third-grade teacher, who she still is in contact with, has had a major impact on her life and she wants to have the same effect with kids.

Scurlock came to the Meridian School District in freshman year and has participated in the FCS club for one year. Outside of school, she spends her time working at Decatur Memorial Hospital (DMH) as a patient care hostess for two years.

Scurlock looks forward to her son, however, she will miss making art on an everyday basis.

Scurlock will remember her time spent at Thomas Jefferson Middle School because of the friends she made, unfortunately, due to her transfer, she does not talk to those people that much anymore. She says that they, including the teachers, are such great people.

At Meridian, Scurlock will always remember the day that was the National School Walkout Day to honor those who died in the Parkland shooting. The walkout itself included a prayer and each name of the 17 victims’ read out loud by students. She said it helped show her the true colors of her fellow peers and made her realize that it is okay to stand up for what you believe in.

Another memory would be Scurlock always getting to hear Laura Klink’s daily positivity and happiness. Klink always brought joy to her classroom, and being able to create art with her will truly be missed by Scurlock.