Senior Spotlight: Brian Reed


photo by Michelle Nottingham

Oscar Garcia and Brian Reed prepare to attend a Meridian dance.

Brian William Edward Reed was born Dec. 14, 2001, in Decatur, Il., to Michelle Nottingham (husband Tyler Nottingham) and Casey Reed (Darci Goodman). He has two sisters named Tiffany Reed, Laura Nottingham, and Jordan GoodmanStreet. 

Reed plans to attend Kaskaskia College for music education in the hopes of becoming a band teacher. He desires this career because he believes that band and music can change lives and provide a way for future generations to create something beautiful and help the world.

Reed has attended Meridian High School for all 12 years of his education and participated in board game club for two years, GSA for three years, drama club for four years, WYSE for one year, and plans to play baseball this year depending on COVID-19 and the stay-at-home order. Elected classes that he took were journalism for one year, band for four years, and jazz band for two years. Outside of school, Reed has worked as a mechanic at RAG’s Complete Auto Repair and at Target.

Reed looks forward to experiencing new things and learning how to be a better version of himself. However, he will miss the people that he has met.

Reed says that his best memories come from the times that he spent with his fellow band/drama peers and the effort they put to produce something amazing. One of his favorite things to look back on is going on “adventures” to figure out whether or not he had something in his car, more often than not he had it in there. Honestly, his whole senior year is probably going to be his favorite memory of all because it is where he made the most friends, had the most memorable experiences, and enjoyed himself.

Between the immature but funny moments and the more serious ones, he would say his favorite memory of all high school has to be this year.