Senior Spotlight: Nick Brooks


photo by Jessica Cuttil

Nick Brooks has attended the Meridian School District for 12 years.

Nicholas (Nick) Steven Brooks was born on May 31, 2002, in Taylorville, Il., to Kevin and Tanya Brooks. He has two older brothers named Joshua Brooks and Joe Bartels.

Brooks plans to attend Richland Community College to study diesel mechanics. He wants to be a diesel technician because he likes working on vehicles and there is nothing more fun to him than tearing stuff apart and putting it back together.

Brooks has attended the Meridian School District for 12 years and has participated in band for six years, track for five years. He has also attended Heartland Tech Academy where he took automotive technology for two years. Outside of school, he has worked at Bob Brady Auto Mall as a service tech for six months.

Brooks looks forward in the future to moving to Texas and racing cars. However, he will miss hanging out with the guys at track meets. 

A memory that is very present in Brooks’ mind is when Trevor Wingard almost injured Derek McLaughlin, he kicked a kickball and it hit a sound system in the ceiling, which then fell right in the place where McLaughlin was standing. In study hall, the fifth-grade class played matball and McLaughlin was the pitcher and Wingard was up to bat. Wingard kicked the ball that McLaughlin had pitched and punted the ball straight into the sound system that hung above the center circle. Right under that sound system, McLaughlin stood unaware that it had come unhooked, but, luckily McLaughlin was able to move out of the way before he was crushed by the sound system. He also remembers in eighth grade when he, Korey Damery, Graham Meisenhelter, Grant Meisenhelter, and Cade Brown had held a funeral for a mouse at the Warrensburg High School track meet. 

Brooks would like to wish his fellow classmates success in their future endeavors.