How to spend Mother’s Day

Amber Miller

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Alyssa Anglin
January 28, 2021

photo by Emery J

Emery Johnson and her mom stop for a selfie in their car. They like to drive around and look at houses for sale.

Mother’s Day is a day to show how much you love and appreciate your mom. It’s a day made for her. This year may be a little difficult, not being able to go and celebrate in public places.  Luckily there are still some ways to celebrate your mom from home.

  1. Order gifts online
  2. Paint a canvas for her
  3. Draw a picture
  4. Write a nice letter
  5.  Cook for her all-day
  6. Sew her a pillow or knit her a blanket
  7. Sing her a song you wrote
  8. Watch her favorite movie or show together
  9. Go on a walk together
  10. Have a picnic
  11. Get dressed up
  12. Have a photoshoot
  13. Paint each other’s nails
  14. Give her a photo album of you and her
  15. Make a coupon book for her to use
  16. Fill her gas tank
  17. Make a jar of 365 reasons why you love her
  18. Pick her flowers
  19. Paint her flower pots with your handprints
  20. Offer to do the laundry, dishes, chores around the house
  21. Make a homemade card
  22. Have coffee together
  23. Clean her car
  24. Be on your best behavior
  25. Make Tik Toks together
  26. Bake her cookies or a cake
  27. Make her bed that morning
  28. Babysit your siblings
  29. Do things before she has to ask
  30. Refer to her as “queen” or “your majesty”
  31. Play a board game with her
  32. Give her lots of hugs
  33. Make her a milkshake
  34. Give her a massage
  35. Tell her you love her all-day
  36. Do each other’s hair and makeup
  37. Tell each other your favorite memories you have together
  38. Write her a poem
  39. Give her homemade jewelry
  40. Give the origami of her favorite animal
  41.  Do a puzzle with her
  42. Make her laugh

    Ava Hadfield
  43. Mow the lawn for her

    Ella Snow
  44. Make her candles
  45. Make her soaps
  46. Make photo magnets of you and her
  47. Burn her favorite candle in her room
  48. Create a memory box
  49. Water her plants
  50. Do what she wants to do for the day