Quarantine cook book


Madison Sapp

A batch of Madison Sapp's blueberry muffins. Sapp found the recipe in a cookbook at her house. Sapp's favorite part of baking is eating the dough or batter.

With all of the time spent at home during quarantine, baking and cooking new recipes has become a popular hobby among students. Quarantine has proved a great time to try new things and that’s exactly what some students are doing.

Maria Stieling is a sophomore at Meridian High School, along with making black bean and lentil tacos, she decided to try her hand at baking chocolate cupcakes with milk chocolate frosting.

“So I found the cupcake recipe online when I was looking for something to do. I hadn’t made cupcakes from scratch before so I thought I’d try,” Stieling said.

Laney Jones, also a sophomore at Meridian High School, has been hard at work with her baking. Jones has made strawberry cupcakes, strawberry bread, and chocolate chip cookies.

“The strawberry cupcakes I made were part of a quest to improve my fruity pebble cupcakes,” Jones said, “I had made the fruity pebble cupcakes with normal vanilla cupcakes, but I thought strawberry cupcakes with normal vanilla cupcakes would make everything better.”

Jones finds her recipes online and even on social media platforms, like Instagram.

“The chocolate chip cookie recipe I tried was courtesy of a woman I follow on Instagram named Tatum Chloe. I really like looking at everything she does so I just decided to give it a try,” Jones said.

Madison Sapp is a sophomore at Meridian High School. Sapp has helped her mom with brunch for Easter weekend and has also baked muffins.

“I made blueberry and banana nut muffins. They were the good kind, with the really fluffy tops that come way out of the baking wrapper,” Sapp said. “I decided to make them because I wanted to bake something that wasn’t super sugary and that I could eat with or as a meal, like breakfast. I found the recipe in a cookbook we have at my house.”