Senior Spotlight: Zoie Bowman


photo by Lori Bowman

Zoie Bowman came to the Meridian School District during sophomore year.

Zoie Chance Bowman was born on Oct. 2, 2001, at Decatur Memorial Hospital in Decatur, Il., to Tom and Lori Bowman. She has four sisters named Kayla Aubert, Linze Aubert, Carly Aubert, and Brittany Bowman. 

Bowman plans to attend the University of Illinois-Springfield to become a physical therapist assistant. She wants to have a career in this field because she has always loved sports so she wants to be able to give back to this area in the future. She will also play softball for the University of Illinois-Springfield.

Bowman transferred to Meridian High School during sophomore year and has since participated in softball for three years, volleyball for two years and National Honor Society (NHS) for two years. She also has been in the Entrepreneurship class for two years.

Bowman looks forward to the ability to start fresh at college and still play softball. However, she will miss the familiarity of high school, like, knowing all of her teachers, classmates, where to go for class, etc. 

Since her time at Meridian High School, Bowman has made many memories. Like, on her first day at Meridian in sophomore year, she remembers how nervous she was and scared to start at a new school. She stood right outside of the office, looking down the great hall that was filled with unfamiliar faces. However, everyone was really nice to her and she had a lot of people who came up to her in the hallway to say, “Hey you’re the new girl right? My name is _ let me know if you need anything!”

Another memory is in junior year when she decided to sit with Claire Palmer at lunch after always being too scared to talk to her all sophomore year, and they have been best friends since. Another memory is when the softball team went undefeated in their conference and becoming conference champions in her junior year.

Bowman would like to thank her fellow classmates for being part of this crazy year with her.