Senior Spotlight: Ella Snow


photo by Carrie Snow

Ella Snow has attended the Meridian School District for the past 12 years.

Ella Rose Snow was born on Oct. 29, 2001, at St. Mary’s Hospital in Decatur, Il., to Jim and Carrie Snow. She has three younger sisters named Lizzie Snow, Lucy Snow, and Eva Snow.

Snow plans to attend Eastern Illinois University to study graphic design. She hopes to either work on a design team at a company or become an entrepreneur designer. Graphic design is something she loves because she likes to be creative but in a modern way. She also wants to pursue graphic design because it is a new field, she can travel and always have a job, and she can also do it part-time when she starts a family.

Snow has attended the Meridian School District for 12 years and has participated in cheerleading for four years, National Honor Society (NHS) for two years, Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) for two years, yearbook for one year, and prom committee for one year. Outside of school, Snow has worked at the Elwin Tree Farm and is currently working as an office clerk at Bob Ridings in Decatur. She has also helped her dad with work on his farm.

Snow looks forward to a fantastic summer with her friends and family. Then, she is excited to begin a new independent chapter in her life experiencing everything Eastern Illinois University has to offer. However, she will miss being a cheerleader that leads the school at the pep rallies with her teammates and performing their cheers and stunts.

Snow remembers when she was little and in pre-school, Ms. Merano put the class on colorful squares to sit on. Snow wanted the blue or purple square, but Merano put her on the dark green square for the rest of the year and she was so mad. In fourth grade, there was an art contest that the whole fourth-grade class had to participate in and her poster won. Which led to her getting a field trip for her class for an entire day off of school. In freshman year, Snow’s whole Spanish class freaked out when a cockroach fell on Mrs. Horne’s neck from the ceiling. Her favorite memory of this year is the lip sync battle at the pack the place pep rally. She loved being a part of the battle with her cheer team and Christina Wherley and she enjoyed watching the other battles.

“To my fellow classmates, I would just like to say, we’ve come a long way, been through a lot, and remember both terrible and amazing memories during our time at Meridian,” Snow to her fellow classmates said. “I know our senior year wasn’t planned to end like this, but we have to hang in there and make the best of it. Because when we go out into the real world on our own, not everything will go as we planned either and we will have to power through it like we are now.”