Senior Spotlight: Caleb Edwards


photo by Caleb Edwards

Caleb Edwards has attended the Meridian School District for 12 years.

Caleb Eric Edwards was born on April 23, 2002, in Decatur, Il., to his mother Amanda Edwards.

Edwards plans to attend Richland Community College and later transfer to another school to study sports medicine. He wants to become either an athletic trainer or have a career in  sports medicine. He wants to help athletes who are injured be able to come back in great shape for the game that they play. He wants to help kids and possibly professional athletes continue to do the thing they love.

Edwards has attended the Meridian School District for 12 years and has participated in football for three years and track for one. However, due to injuries, Edwards was not able to play football in his junior or senior year. Outside of school, he has worked at the Macon Speedway.

Edwards looks forward to being successful, a cautious spender, and getting to live the American dream. However, he will miss half days because everyone is excited and has a break from school.

Some memories that Edwards has is of when Micah Sheppard came to the school and took over as the football coach. He said that the three years of summer practices and things were fun–to wake up in the early morning to feel the fresh brisk air and with the boys laughing and joking around. The most fun came from when it rained and the team played sharks and menus which led to lots of slipping and sliding and on the sides the coaches were all laughing.

Now it was not always fun, first came the hard work, then the fun that came with the intention of turning them from boys to men. He also has cool memories of all of the school’s pep assemblies when everyone was in the gym hyping it up before the big game, this is extremely special to Edwards.

Edwards would like his fellow classmates to know that he wishes them good luck to every single one of them. He also wants them to be safe and that he will see them on the other side.