Senior Spotlight: Derek McLaughlin


photo by Derek McLaughlin

Derek McLaughlin has been part of the Meridian School District for 12 years.

Derek Wayne McLaughlin was born July 11, 2002, in Springfield, Il., to Dale and Patricia McLaughlin. His sibling’s names are Brad McLaughlin, James Mitchell, Elizabeth Klepzig, Elaine Mitchell, and Melissa McLaughlin.

McLaughlin plans to attend Indiana State University for aviation in his pursuit to become a freight pilot for FedEx. This career brings McLaughlin to a different world and the feeling that he has of having an office that is 36 thousand feet above the ground is pretty cool. Also, the benefits he will get from the other airline companies and organizations are also nice. 

McLaughlin has attended Meridian for all 12 years and participated in track, band, and drama club. Outside of school, he spent his time working in the Army National Guard. He also helped farmers during the summer and the community as much as he could.

McLaughlin looks forward to working his way through the military and having it help pay for his college. However, he is going to miss the community and the support that the staff at Meridian gives because they are really the ones who help you get through.

One memory that McLaughlin remembers is when Trevor Wingard kicked a ball and it hit the sound sphere that was right above McLaughlin’s head and it fell, however, he managed to move out of the way fast enough so that it would not hit him. This memory took place in fifth grade during the study hall when the classes met up to play matball at the end of the day.

McLaughlin would like his fellow classmates to know he will miss them.

“To the class of 2020, I’m so proud of what we have become as a unit. We have strived each other to reach for new branches, motivate each other, and helped make the class of 2020 for who we are,” McLaughlin said. “We will soon part from each other’s space, but we can always look back at the memories that we made.”