Senior Spotlight: Larou de Jong


photo by Annika Sijens

Larou de Jong joined the Class of 2020 this past August when she came over from the Netherlands in a foreign exchange program.

Hellen Hortense Larou de Jong was born Jan. 13, 2003, in Emmen, The Netherlands, to Regina Wolbers and Anjo de Jong. She has one sister and three brothers named Anka Piersma, Edwin de Jong, Stephan de Jong, Sander de Jong.

de Jong is not sure what she necessarily wants to do yet, however, she plans to attend content creator Noorderpoort Groningen for Journalism. However, after that, she might then attend the police academy. She has always liked writing and making videos, so in journalism, she can be creative and talk with people.

de Jong is a foreign exchange student from the Netherlands, therefore, this is her first year at Meridian High school and she has participated in basketball, cheerleading, track, soccer, scholastic bowl, and FCS club. In the Netherlands, she participated in speed ice skating for about ten years. Before coming to America, de Jong spent her time outside of school as an assistant gymnastics teacher and a waitress.

de Jong is looking forward to being happy and traveling the world in the future. However, she is going to miss all of the friends she has made in America since she will return to the Netherlands in a couple of months.

A memory that de Jong will always remember is right before she went to high school at about 12 years old on her last day, her old teacher asked if de Jong could come over to her desk because she wanted to say something to de Jong. When de Jong got to the desk, the teacher said, “Larou you have to promise me one thing. Stay yourself, keep being the smiley, happy girl and don’t care about what other people think about you and always stay true to your style.” 

de Jong would like her fellow classmates to know she is thankful to you all for letting her be part of your senior year since this her only year at Meridian High School and America.