Senior Spotlight: Moriah Renfro


photo by Samantha Schendel

Moriah Renfro enjoys her senior pictures photoshoot.

Moriah Joy Renfro was born Feb. 28, 2001, in Decatur, Il., to Kent and Sandra Renfro. She has siblings named Hannah Bayless (husband Colton Bayless), Josiah Renfro, Judah Renfro (fiance Kayla Oliver), and Jeremiah Renfro. 

Renfro plans to attend Richland Community College and then Millikin University to become a licensed clinical social worker. She has always had a passion for both mental and emotional health while also having a passion for kids who are in the foster care system. She decided on becoming a licensed clinical social worker because it will give her the best of both worlds by being a therapist and helping people with emotional issues while also being involved in the foster care system.

Renfro has attended Meridian High School all 12 years and has participated in SADD and student council this past year. During the time where she is not at school, Renfro has spent her time working as a lifeguard, babysitter, house-sitter, dog-sitter, and a night clerk at Bob Ridings.

Renfro looks forward to becoming more independent, traveling, spending time with family, and making a difference in other people’s lives. However, she will miss her classmates; COVID-19 put into perspective just how much she will miss them but she uses FaceTime and Marco Polo with them to stay in touch.

Many seniors are reflecting on memories from the past 12 years. Renfro remembers a lot from grade school because “that was when school was easiest and we could play games.” For example, in fifth grade, the Class of 2020 was playing matball and Trevor Wingard kicked the ball pretty high and hard in the air. It broke the old speaker that used to hang on the ceiling. It then preceded to fall from the ceiling and almost crush Derek McLaughlin, but he managed to move out of the way just in time. Also, the times the class played cherry cherry at recess even though they were not supposed to.

Renfro would like her fellow classmates to know she is going to miss everyone and making memories with them, but she knows that all have to move on to the next step in their future She can not wait to see all of the great things to come from everyone. She thinks it is crazy the group is almost done with school because it seemed like school was never going to end, yet in a blink of the eye, here you are.