Helping the community during Covid-19


Guadalajara is a good example of one of the local businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Throughout the world, people are trying to stay at home as much as possible. This is a good thing, because the more people stay at home, the faster this pandemic is over. Even though you are still at home, you can still do things for the community. This way we will get through this together.

No one saw this virus coming, including the restaurants and local shops. Businesses had to close down and restaurants can only have drive-thru, pick up or delivery. This has had an impact on these businesses especially the smaller ones. 

Consider picking up some food, maybe just once or twice a week. This way you support the small local restaurants and they can remain open. Not only that, but also consider shopping at the smaller local shops instead of the big grocery stores. 

During the time of Covid-19, a lot of older people have to stay home to keep themselves safe and healthy. Your grandparents probably would love to have some company once in a while, but right now that is not possible. While you’re home you have enough time to be creative. Make a postcard or a drawing for them. This might make their day a little happier. Not only think about your grandparents, also think about nursing homes or places like that. They probably would love to get a handmade postcard.

Caused by the coronavirus, there is a shortage of blood for the Red Cross. If you’re in good health and really want to help the community, go and donate blood. This way you’re not only helping your community, but you might save someone’s life too. 

Don’t forget about your neighbors either. Around your neighborhood there are probably some people who may need some help. Think about that one elderly lady who lives down the street, she might need some help with getting the groceries. What about the family across the street who has two kids?  Some people still have to work, and while kids are out of school, you might be able to go over and babysit.

With all these tips to help your community, you must remember to keep your distance as much as possible, stay safe and healthy.