What it’s like to have split parents and how it affects students


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When parents get divorced, they often end up fighting for custody over their children.

Having split parents is a difficult thing to deal with. You usually have to pack a bag every time you go to your other parent, deal with step-family, and adjust to a new home. When your parents split while you’re young, not spending as much time with the other parent is something you’ll grow up being used to. When they split while you’re older, it’s harder to adjust to. You’re used to spending so much time with them and then you can’t. You get used to having to move every other weekend.

“Having split parents is kind of annoying, to be honest,” Denai Hall, sophomore, said.

Hall’s parents split when she was very young and she lives with her father full time, but she still sees her mother frequently. Hall said she “doesn’t have to pack a bag since my mom lives down the road.”

“They’ve been split up for as long as I can remember. I was really young when they split so I don’t really remember it,” Hall said.

Hall says having split parents affects her personally and as a student.

“It makes it kind of hard because I might need help with homework and my dad might not get it but my mom does and I can’t go see her for help,” Hall said. “Personally, it makes me feel split because they always talk about each other.”

Devynn Egbert, sophomore, said having split parents is difficult at times because of all the running around he has to do.

“I live with my dad full time,” he said. “I don’t usually have to pack a bag, but I choose to so I can keep track of all my stuff.”

He said his parents split right after he was born.

“Having split parents affects me as a student and personally because I have to get a ride home and I have to make sure everyone knows where I am,” Egbert said.

Rily O’Linger, a sophomore, said she lives with her mom full time as of right now.

“Having split parents is odd because you don’t have your usual two, so you only have one person to look up to,” she said.

O’Linger said she usually does have to pack a bag when she goes to her dads.

“My parents separated when I was maybe 9 years old. They were legally divorced two years ago,” she said.

O’Linger said it affects her as a student if one of her parents is good at a subject and she isn’t with them, they can’t help me.

“I usually do bad on that assignment if I can’t get help from that parent,” she said.

If she’s at school, she said she sometimes thinks about how her other parent is doing if she hasn’t seem them in a while.

“It’s just kind of always on my mind, how each one of my parents is doing since I don’t see one of them every day,” she said.

It affects her personally because she’s closer to one parent more than the other.

“If you’re really close to one parent and not the other, it’s kind of hard because with one parent you can’t always talk to them and it’s easier to talk to your other parent but they aren’t always around for you to talk to,” she said.