The popularity of TikTok at Meridian


Larou de Jong

Meridian students using the TikTok app which has gained popularity in recent months.

Meridian students are spending around 85 minutes a day on TikTok, but why is the app so popular? Why the hype? TikTok is a social media platform where you can watch and create fun music videos, but who at Meridian is considered “TikTok famous.”

77 students from Meridian were asked questions about TikTok. The app seems really popular at Meridian with over 80 percent of the students surveyed using the app, and even though Snapchat is the most used by Meridian Students, Tiktok is still used by more than 18 percent of the students. Most of the students start watching or creating the videos and can’t stop. So the app might be a little addicting.

Amber Miller, a student at Meridian, is a user of the app. She said if you go to the app you can also see how many videos you watched. You go to your settings, scroll down, and next to clear cache, you can see the amount of videos you watched.

“I watched 30 million Tiktok videos, I think it is probably not a good thing, but it is entertaining,” Miller said.

Tiktok seems popular with all ages and genders. Freshmen, sophomores and juniors seem to use the app the most, but still, 18 percent of the seniors are using the app, too. If you would take a look at the difference between girls and boys that use the app, is it almost 50/50. 

Who is the most famous Meridian Tikoker? What is the most popular TikTok? In our survey, there was a question about the favorite Tiktok dance. The winner…Renegade. From all the names that came up in our survey, there was one name that emerged multiple times. Arwen Baker is a junior at Meridian and also a reporter for the Meridian Daily. She uses the app almost every day and is the favorite TikTok user at Meridian. 

“I think it’s hilarious because I don’t think I’m that funny, but it’s cool that people like the dumb videos I put on TikTok,” Baker said.

While on Instagram and Snapchat you post a picture and everyone can see it, TikTok has an option to keep your videos on private. This way only you can see the video and it is hidden from all of your friends. The Meridian students seem to keep some of their videos private but a lot of them post them, too. Both sides are 30 percent, the other 70 percent only watch the TikToks. Ellen Jackson, a junior at Meridian, both uploads and has private videos; she has her reasons for posting them or not. The ones that she isn’t posting are most of the time either bloopers from dancing videos or just silly videos she just sends to her friends. 

“I publish some of my videos and keep some of them private,” Jackson said.

So why is TikTok so popular? Out of our survey, it seems that people think it is really funny and addicting. When you start watching the videos, you can’t stop. It is a way to get in contact with people all over the world and age and gender don’t matter. 

Will the app stay so popular this upcoming year? We don’t know, but right now it seems that people really like it.